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Just blogging about my day!;) NWR

Today has felt quite long. I had to wake up early for work, ;( which I'm not used to because I just started this job. I hate waking up early. Like, my entire family has issues with early mornings and sleep, so I really think it's genetic. Lol. And my FI stayed with me last night, and he is also always tired because of the USMC and/or working the night shift with the sheriff's office. So this morning was especially rough. Ha.

As some of you know, I just started working at a Bridal Boutique, and we have two locations. Until today I had only worked at the "Off the Rack" location which pretty much just has old, discounted, sample dresses. But today I was at the the better location. I met a lot of nice girls and it was a really great day as far as working those.

Then I had to go to my nutrition class. And I found out my exam grade was an 89 B. ;) Which was well above average for this exam. Ha. Too bad it wasn't an A. But anywho. I also had to go to my philosophy class tonight that is 3 hours long and pretty boring. But we finished up watching a movie today. It's called Iron Jawed Angels. And honestly, if you've never seen it, you MUST watch it. It is so good. It's the story of Alice Paul and getting the 19th amendment passed (suffrage). It might sound boring but I promise it's not. Promise promise promise. ;) I also got my exam grade back from this class tonight. It was a 78 C. Which I wasn't incredibly pleased with. But it was still above average, surprisingly.

Mine and FI 2 year anniversary is coming up on October 11 and I have been searching for things to get him. Any time I buy him gifts, 9/10 it's clothing. Mainly because I know he can use it and I know I can buy it and him actually like it. I don't mind this, I just wish I could be more creative and get him something he'd like and could use without him having to tell me. Ya know? He recently got a street bike, and he's been saying he needs a riding jacket. So I've done some research on them and I would like to get him one, even though it's still clothing. I'd also have to figure out which one he actually likes because I don't wanna spend $200 on something that he won't like. Ya know? But I'm still just brainstorming. I guess I should figure it out soon though huh?!

I only have one class tomorrow, and no work, so I'm thankful that it will be a pretty chill day. I am dying to go to Victoria's Secret but i'm trying to refrain. It's difficult!!! I love to shop. Love love love!

I work all day Friday and Saturday at "Off the Rack" and I wish I was more excited about that. It's just so boring. I get like 5 customers a day, if I'm lucky. It's awful. And because of that and the fact that everything is marked down, I will never be able to make commission every month. *Sigh*

On a happier note, my sister is coming to visit not this weekend but next! Again, I have to work both Friday and Saturday, all day, but at least I'll get to see her a little. She lives in New York right now. She's going to school at AMDA and doesn't get much time between semesters to go places! At least Christmas isn't too incredibly far away!

I know this is long but I just like to share the things that I do! ;) I hope everyone else's day has been good. Feel free to share!

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