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-Honestly, everything

-The weather

-The photographer –Can’t say how great Tonhya Kae Photography was!

-The DJ—Discomovil surpassed my expectations (Thanks, Brandi!)

-If ya’ll remember, about a week or so before we left they switched our reception location due to construction and I had to update my timeline, well….they switched it back and the view was AMAZING.  I didn’t care, but Wednesday night we went out on that terrace and I absolutely fell in love and was absolutely bummed it wasn’t going to be there…SURPRISE!

-The rain.  Yes, most brides don’t want rain on their big day, especially when they have an outdoor wedding/cocktail hour/reception, but it really kicked up the party.

-The 30 people that joined us.  It was honestly the best group of people I could have asked for.

-My cousin, that I’ve only seen like 3 times in my life for making the trip, it was awesome to hang out with him and his fiancé!

-My MOH and BM.  They are seriously the best girls a girl could ask for J

-My DEARING HUSBAND…okay, maybe this should have been first.  He was such a great sport with pictures and actually had fun!

-The drinks and memories we’ll have for FOREVER.

-Taking artificial flowers.  I had uncles saying they felt like plastic and when I said that’s because they are, they were blown away!

-I only gained 2 lbs, if that, while we were away!



-FIL was the drunkest we’ve ever seen him, which was pretty funny, but Brian had to help him to his room where he proceeded to throw up in the in-room Jacuzzi.

-Brian’s uncle was also toasted…we had to help him to his room as well.

-I, myself got sick the next morning.  So glad we decided to wait on the morning after shoot because I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I didn’t even realize how much I drank until I saw a video of me singing…

-Not a huge deal, but no one saw our guest book frame…I have 4 signatures on there so I have to figure something out so I can get more signatures on there so we can use it.



-I’m so glad to say there is absolutely nothing to report!

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