Photographer Help Needed

Hey ladies I need some help for a friend.

She is looking for a photographer and her budget is around $3000...

She is looking for:
1) MUST have 2 photographers
2) Would like a flush mount/ coffee table book

She is getting married next July...

Rec. away ladies!!!

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Re: Photographer Help Needed

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    See the post directly below this one.  The Philly blog has many recommends.  Sarah Schulte may be able to work within that budget, as will some others (Artistic Imagery, girls??).  Rich Lavigne can also definitely work with that budget...if you are intereted in him, though, please shoot me an e-mail at colinandheather at me dot com for some personal feedback.
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    I saw the post below, I know there a recs in the bio, I would reccomend her my photographer but hes not in her budget.  I am hoping with more specifics, Ill get specific recs!!

    Ill pass on the names to her!

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    Mike Landis can probably work within that budget as well.
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    I've got to throw a vote in for Marc Anthony. He's right around that budget and his work is truly out of the world.
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    Mike Landis is about $3700 for two photogs and an album.  And at that price you have to choose between the album and the digital negatives.  To get both you have to go up to $4900.

    I just booked Artistic Imagery in Bensalem for a little over $3000.  That's with two photographers, hard cover proof book, website, digital negatives (super important, at least to me), a 12x8 album with 36 sides and an 11x14 wall portrait.

    They also have really awesome payment plans.  You can do a down payment and then X amount for each month, or 4 installments.

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    Sharyn Frenkel has really great packages.  I was told she is flexible too.  She is at the top of my list and I am working with pretty much the same budget. 
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    I'm using Sarah Schulte. I'd contact her. She's awesome. I also like Doug from Candid moments photography, Mike Landis, and Marc Anthony. Not sure of the prices though. Worth a look.
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