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Femme Fatale

guess who got her Britney Spears & Nicki Minaj silver package tickets today?  This girl, right here!!   im so excited!!

yes, i know britney sucks.  yes i know she dances like a geriatric these days.  yes, i know shes all auto tune.  but i love her.  shes my guilty pleasure.  i cant help it.  dont judge me!!

Re: Femme Fatale

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    Will you please take photos of it for me and photoshop me in :(

    I am so with you and she has gone down hill but she's still one of my top peeps.  I'm so upset because how dare she schedule her concert during my wedding?!?!?!  Double how dare she delete my post on her fb page about how there is no phoenix date!  Rude.  Our Circus show was completely sold out.  No love the phx crowd!!  She just couldn't take our heat!!
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    I saw Baby one more time back 11 or 12 years ago (whatever it was) in Hershey, PA at Hershey Park and then I saw Circus in Summer of 2009 with my dad in London. It was HILARIOUS going to see her with him.

    Yeah, she lipsyncs, and you're right she doesn't dance worth a damn anymore... but it was still really really fun. Especially Circus-- it was literally like a circus. There were more acrobatics and stage acts than anything else. It really was incredible. Seeing it in London was pretty incredible too at the O2 arena.

    Have fun! I'm super jealous :) Maybe I'll see her again in another 10 years ;)
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    haha, awesome, have fun! I have friends that absolutley Love her. I think my sisters and I and a few friends are going to see Kesha in september which is so embarrassing, she's horrible and skanky but we love her - our guilty pleasure. (I really don't even care for pop music much)
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    I've seen her twice, but both were waayyyy back in the day.  I still secretly love her!  I also will get silly and put NSYNC, BSB, and 98 degrees on...makes me feel like a kid again!

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    I love it!  I would so go!  I love Nicki too!

    @ Kayla...I love BSB, NKOTB, NSYNC and 98 Degrees...did you hear thought that NKOTBSB are coming out with a cd next month!?!? Hells to the yeah!
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