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I've got a whole lot of nothing good to report.

Friday I had breakfast and lunch and did really well, but because of closing and moving "dinner" didn't happen until 2:30 AM.

Saturday I had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and got a cheese and egg croissant and 2 donuts (wow calorie overload) but then didn't eat anything else all day.

Sunday I finally ate like a normal person again... PBJ for breakfast and an apple, Subway for lunch, and then I made the first meal in our new home! Pecan crusted honey glazed salmon and green beans :) 

I didn't work out at the gym, but I'd say 6 hours of moving on Friday and 12 hours of unpacking on Saturday counts. I also spent all of Sunday unpacking and shopping, which means I was moving all day.

Today I work late, and I do pretty much every day this week so I don't know how I'm going to fit the gym in... but I'm going to try. I'm sure with how much we're doing this week it's going to be okay if I don't get a lot of workouts in. I think by next week we'll be settled in enough (and the football season at Towson will have already started so I won't be scrambling to get everything finished there after my day job) that I can have a regular routine again.

I hope you all have a healthy and happy week!
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