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Help Please :) TA advice!

Hoping some of you that are using a TA can help me out here....

So, I have met once with a local TA that was referred to me by a friend.  They are close family friends  She is in the process of gathering up some information for me on a few destinations that we've talked about and are supposed to be getting back to me soon .  We have only been engaged for 2 weeks and all we really know is that we want a DW.  So, I was hoping for maybe some ideas and insight from her.  She mainly specializes in European Group travel, which is not a destination we are considering.  She's super duper sweet and I'm sure very capable, but I'm not sure she's ever really done DW's before.  All she was doing was reading me the wedding package brochures, but maybe that's all the TA is supposed to do???  I have no idea.  Very new at this....

So anyway, my other girlfriend is begging me to call her friend who is a TA and does DW's all the time.  She swears "she gets the best deals, etc..." AND, she (this TA) is actually planning one herself, so I imagine she'd be very helpful in regards to deciphering the wedding packages, budget, etc....

I don't want to feel like I'm cheating on the first lady though,  because she is so sweet!!  And she's done a little research for us already.  Are there unwritten rules as far as this is concerned??  Also, do you guys know - are these wedding packages even negotiable??  I don't know if one travel agent can get us a better deal than another??  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week!! :)

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