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FI vibes please **UPDATE**

FI went to bed 2 nights ago and forgot to take his contacts out.  He woke up yesterday and went to work, but came home at 1:30 because he could barely keep them open.  He thought they were just irritated from sleeping with his contacts in, but I kept telling him I didn't think so (he never EVER comes home early or calls out, I knew something was wrong right then).  

He has an appointment with an opthamalogist at 1:10.  Hopefully he didn't do to much damage to his eyes and some good eye drops will do the trick. He works on a computer all day long so no work today.  He's already taken off Monday so we can go get our marriage license so we may just leave after his appointment to go to NC if he can't work today or tomorrow anyways.  

Thanks for listening ladies.

UPDATE:  We went to the Dr. and she said he has an infiltration in one eye, and an ulcer in the other.  He can hardly see out of the one that has the ulcer.  She wants to see him back tomorrow.  I asked her if we could come in Monday instead and she said she would rather see if the drops she gave him are working.  If they're not she wants to give him something else.   So we made an 8:20 appointment.  The appointment time is overbooked, but I hope we can get out of here and get to the register of deeds office in NC before it closes at 4:30 tomorrow.  His vision is more important at this point and we can postpone the trip until next week if we have to.  
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Re: FI vibes please **UPDATE**

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