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Bahama Cruise Wedding

Has anyone ever done one of these or know of anyone who has? It seems very reasonably priced. We are considering one for next April- immediate family would have flight and cruise paid for (About 14 people-just parents and siblings).

How would I go about other family members who may want to make it? Invite them anyway if they can afford it? We would prefer to keep it as small as possible, but don't want to offend anyone by not inviting them at all.

Also what's the time frame for invitations? I read somewhere 8 months, and somewhere else said 6 weeks. I would want everything bought at LEAST 4 or 5 months in advance. Currently we are shooting for April 2011.

Re: Bahama Cruise Wedding

  • We're having a cruise wedding in August!  We sent out informational save the dates 10 months prior to the date.  We are sending out invitations about 6 weeks prior to remind our guests to book and to finalize our numbers.

    As for people being able to afford it, we are using a travel agent that found us a great group rate.  If you book as a group, you are offerred amenities that you don't get if you book individually.  I highly recommend a travel agent, so  your guests can call them for questions about travel.

    As for the guest list, we invited everybody we would to a conventional wedding but we didn't invite any coworkers.
  • Thanks Gabby!

    I am definitely looking forward to seeing how your big day goes!

    When you sent out Save the Dates- did you already have the specific day in mind? We know what month we would like (April)- but my FI parents are both college professors and the siblings are still in college so we almost have to wait for fall to make sure they don't have anything major scheduled on that date.

    Can save the dates be changed later on? Or can it be save the date-range?

    My FI says we should just wait until september to send anything out, but it's 8 months ahead. Enough time? How many people are you planning on having at your wedding?
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