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OK - I will still be around for a little while today, but wanted to get this out of the way....._________________________________Yay, it's my turn finally!  We are leaving tomorrow afternoon and I have slept so little the past few days trying to finish up all the little things.  I am exhausted! Now I get to go home and have a glass (read: bottle) of wine and pack!  Just called the airline to see what we can take as far as checked baggage/boxes.  I think we'll get everything there ok and I am going to carry my dress on with me.  I am sooo glad to have found this board and all the amazing women on it.  I don't know what I would have done without having you all to go to for questions, vents, exciting or sad news, or just the daily chit chat!  You've all been so supportive and helpful.  I never would have had so many personal touches to my wedding without you ladies...STDs, OOT bags, etc....and jeff wouldn't be getting bpics!missesg/B - my shopping and bpic buddy.  i know you will be a friend for life.  you've definitely been my sounding board for so many issues and I am going to miss you when you leave me for b'more.  jencarolei - my maui hottie - i can't wait for our gtg in a few days and to hear all about your wedding!  If we aren't busy Monday night...I am totally crashing it!!)  :)  amanda/indyarm - I miss our daily wedding talks since you left me for the Nest, but I'll *see* you soon!  Melvic - It's been so fun chatting with you and I can't wait for the luau!  Marelina - my fellow cali girl, you are so fun!  I enjoyed our GTG and we definitely need to do it again.  Buttercup29/D - I am so glad I got to meet you in SF.  Say hi to your FI for me...go Raiders!!  Leah - thx for my awesome bpics.  I can't wait to give them to Jeff and see his reaction.  I had so much fun hanging out with you.  StephNJ - my date twin and Alexandra - my almost date twin :) ~ Hope everything is amazing on your days!  Nicole/Azull and Heidi/PenaBride - thx for the special touches that you are helping to add to my wedding.  Katy - you are sunshine...I don't know why, but you always make me smile!  I really hope I can make the Chicago GTG!OK.  I wasn't going to write a novel, but from sharing bpics to a million other ideas to just bio stalking on my part  I want you all to know much much you guys rock ~ Becky/hawaiianbride08 (see you soon!), Barbbarbiaz (miss ya - wherever you are!!), Claire, Libertad, Christine/futuremrsreppke, Hanneke, Normailed, Jaye, Sara/sstubben, Morgan, Tracy/burgh, Kim/lindeenwedding (my KK girl), Amanda/stlucia818, Lisa/futuresgtswife, Sarah/esbie11, Tammy/kingpepsigirl, Reilly, Kristine/kristinemarie7, Tanya, Lisa/lisa7, Ashley/AshNicole331, Ashley/cruisebride1208, Fanny, Jill/futuremrs.neri, amber/amber_hopper, Christy/texacaligirl, Meg/ms.beachbum08, Kami, Meg/megneric, Sarita, Danialle, Amber/mayapapaya, Meg/hurricane-2-b, DestinBrideJen.I am on like 6 hours of sleep over the last 3 days so I know I am forgetting a million names and I am SO sorry.  But to those listed and those that aren't - I would have gotten through all this, but it wouldn't have been nearly as special or as fun a process without all of you!  I super puffy heart you all!~*The End*~  [insert happy ending (beginnings) music here]
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