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Quick AW and checks!!

AW - 2 weeks from now I will be IN KEY WEST!!!  SOOO excited!!

So, my big check is I went to my girl for a hair trial after my mini freak out last week! :)  I nailed down exactly what I'm going to do and am stoked about it!  I'm doing it down just like I wanted - going to have it like that for first look and family photos, and get refreshed right before the ceremony!  Then, (since I can't afford to have her there all night hah), my girl showed me a super easy way to just sweep it all to the side w/ a few bobby pins for a cute little side pony look once (and if) it becomes a hot mess from the wind!  I'm going back to her to get my roots touched up next week and am going to bring my mom with me so she can show her how to do it!  It looks really simple though.  Of course I have plenty of pics... will post later!

Other check .... I upgraded my centerpieces - DAMMIT!!!  Haha... I saw this gorgeous silver container that I fell in LOVE with on some recent pics that I stalk from my venue, and decided to splurge for it... it's more expensive b/c it requires a ton more flowers, but I think it'll make a big impact in the reception decor altogether!  i'm excited! :)
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