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How much do you pay for hairstyle @resort??

Hi, I'm staying at the RIU Palace in mexico, It is going to cost $140 each for my hair and MOH hair, do most brides pay for the MOH hair ,not sure, thanks

Re: How much do you pay for hairstyle @resort??

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    I'm getting what they call the bridal spa package.  that includes a hair and makeup trial, I'm doing that 2 days before the wedding, hair makeup on the day of, and a mani and pedi on the day of.  all for $243.  I thought that was pretty good.  I dont have a BP so I do not have to worry about hair and makeup for anyone else.
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    I'm hiring a hair/make-up artist.  Her cost is $155 for my hair & makeup and $95 for each additional person - that is for her to come onsite to the hotel.  It would be cheaper if we went to her.  I only have 2 ladies in my bridal party so I'm paying for both of them plus my stepmom.  This is my gift to them instead of trying to come up with bridesmaid's gifts - I knew it was something they wanted to do so...
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    I had my hair & makeup done at the resort. It was about $75 bucks for each. The hair was great, the makeup wasn't so hot. I went back to the room and re did the make up. I'm not good at all with hair so it was worth it to me.
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    I paid $70 for my hair (went already washed).  That was at Sandals Negril in Oct. '09.  I did my own makeup.
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    I paid Less than $100 for both (total)...brides at the resort I was at (Secrets Capri in Mexico) get a 15% discount on spa services. :) The hair and makeup were both good, I was actually impressed-going in sight unseen. 
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    The resort's hair and makeup for bride was $150 with trial hair and makeup. Bridesmaids was $65 for hair and makeup. I actually have another person coming in doing our hair and makeup and she was more pricey but she's matching the resort's fees. Plus I've seen her work whereas I don't know how the resort's spa does their hair/makeup.

    Best of luck!
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