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STD, booking, lodging order question...

Destination wedding in Idaho here - 2 hours way for us but OOT for everyone else.

So we will be finding out our wedding date come Christmas - that's because of the reservation window for the state park.  When we get the date, we planned on reserving every room in town (2 B&Bs, 3 cabins, and 1 lodge).  So far it looks like no deposit fees are required at reservation time.  Then an STD 8 months out and invite 4 months out, right?

If there were booking fees required, is that what the bride and groom absorb?  Just curious.

Is that when most people reserve the rooms - as soon as they know the official date?

Now for the picking and paying of the rooms by the guests - will guests wait until they get an official invite before selecting a room?  Or do you think some will be picking out rooms soon after they get an STD card?  I wanted to put wedding website info on the STD.

I ask because I saw this STD on Esty and it mentioned "details and RSVP" then the website. ???  Not that we're using this but I was curious about it.

I guess one could get their room prior to the invite - because the STD pretty much means they are getting an invite.

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