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Sandals Regency St Lucia

Has anyone been married at the Sandals Regency St Lucia? Or any Sandals for that matter. Can you give me some insight on what to expect. The good and the bad!

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     I just posted in your other thread but I'm getting married at the Regency in May.  Alot of brides have gotten married at Sandals.  Nubiannqween got married at the Grande on St Lucia about a month or so ago.  She would be a good person to ask.  Also you would check out her Good, Bad and Ugly post.  Just search her name.

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    thanks! how has your planning gone? which wedding package did you choose?
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    Planning is going well.  We had our first call with the wedding planner a few weeks ago.  We are doing the free package.  We knew that we would get a couple of upgrades with the number of people we have coming.  I'm going to change a few things, like I am going to bring my own bouquet, theirs is pretty eh.  I'm also making a cake topper.  But that's about it really.  I think we've decided to do the 3 hour private reception which was really the only thing we didn't know about until the call. 

    How is your planning going?
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    i haven't really started doing much of anything yet. i am doing the free package as well. afer reading on here about how you guys are doing some of your own things and bringing them to the wedding i may just have to do that. i wasn't aware it was an option. what are you doing for photography? the packages they offer are expensive!
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    We have a few famliy members that will take our pics.  FI's uncle is an amazing photog.  I don't plan to use the Sandals peeps for that.  Depending on your budget see if you can find a local photog that will only charge you for travel.  I've seen a few that will take your pics for the cost of travel. 
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