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Latest Cufflink Update!

Ok, so for those that don't know, I decided to buy FI cufflinks for the wedding for Christmas. We decided this year for Christmas we would each get something for the other for the wedding, and cufflinks were what he'd been hinting at. I loved the map style cufflinks but had a HARD time finding someone who would be able to accomodate our resort, apparently those maps are impossible to find lol.

Here are the cufflinks:

Well this seller had the same problem everyone else did, finding a map of the resort BUT that didn't stop her. Etsy is blocked here, so I can't post the link to the seller but DEFINITELY will be sharing it when I get home!

She had a nice map showing Fort Mackinac for the one (where we got engaged) so she took the google maps image of the resort and photoshopped it to match! Love it!

Here's the mockups she sent, although she said they are still 'rough' as she'll make sure they look their best before putting them on this week:

Isn't it great how well she made the Google Mpas image of Taboo Resort match the more vintage look of the Fort Mackinac map!!!! She's great :)
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