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I would definitely do a Carnival Cruise wedding again!!  I would also definitely do the OOT bags again too, everyone love them and they used everything in them.  Even thought my flights were horrible, I would still fly in a couple of days early.  And I would definitely have our friends and family join us on the cruise, we had a blast.

I forgot to add this in my ugly, and I have no clue how because it was the ugliest of all, so I would not do hair extensions again.  We went snorkeling on the second day of the cruise, I had told them before they put them in that I was going on two shore excursions that involved swimming and they said the extensions would be fine.  Well, after the snorkeling, my hair was in one big knot, it was worse than a birds nest.  I took a shower and poured an entire bottle of conditioner on it hoping to losen it up but it did not help.  DH sat there for over an hour trying to get it out and he ended up taking the extensions out comletely but by doing so, I lost a lot of my real hair.  I have huge chunck missing from the back, right in the middle.  So I will be going to my hair dresser tomorrow and having it fixed which will mean having to get it cut pretty short.  We were late for dinner that night and as soon as I saw my Mom I just bursted into tears.  Ofcourse they were all saying it's not that bad, but I saw it with my own eyes and know it's VERY bad.  I basically had to keep in a pony tail the rest of the cruise so you wouldn't notice the big chunk missing.  So girls, I do not suggest that anyone gets extensions...LOL!!

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