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5 Months :)

Our wedding is just under 5 months away. I want to send out our invites soon and get them back so we can have a final count by the end of summer. Is this ok? My family lives in CO and we live in Virginia Beach. For the most part we already know who is and who is not coming to the wedding. We are going to Colorado the middle of August so my mom and sisters can throw me a bridal shower. I was just looking for people's opinions! Thanks!!
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Re: 5 Months :)

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    How exciting!  The time will start to fly by.  I sent mine out early but we had an early booking date.  Did you send out STDs?  If so you could wait another month if you wanted depending on your booking date or head count date.
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    I'm at 6 months.  I ordered my invites today, to send them out mid June (just under 5 months) with an RSVP date of August 24th.  I have a deadline of September 14th to cancel any unused rooms.

    I think you're good to go ahead and get them sent out! :)
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    We did send out STDs, shortly after we got engaged, because I knew the date I wanted. It was so strange, I thought when the time came that we got engaged I would have a hard time picking a date, then we got engaged and I felt like I knew the date I wanted forever....I didn't even have to give it any thought! LOL I'm thinking of sending them out around June. Then I can have an offical head count before we go to Colorado! Thanks for your advice!! And I can't believe how fast the time is flying by!!
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