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AHR Favors question

Last night I came across and their candy bars! They are located on Maui in Kihei (about 15 minutes from where we are getting married) so I thought, "how appropriate!" and thought that they would make great favors for our AHR.

SO-- I ordered a variety of flavors for us to sample and they should be here in the next couple of weeks. Assuming that we love them (and I'm sure we will) how would you recommend distributing them as favors? There are a lot of fun and funky flavors. I originally thought that we could print stickers to put on the backs of them with people's names and a little short thank you message, but now I'm thinking that may not work because people may end up with flavors that they don't like, or would prefer another over the one we randomly assign to them.

My question is: 

Do we just randomly assign the various flavors to people and do personalized packaging somehow (ribbon, sticker, whatever), or do we let everyone choose their own and forgo the personalization?

If you think we should let them choose their own, how should we work that out? We've got 62 people attending and will do 4-5 different flavors.

On a side note, for the curious bunch-- the flavors we're ordering to taste test are:
Chocolate, Macadamia nut, and chewy Banana
White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Raspberry Crunch
Milk Chocolate and Macadamia Nut
Dark Chocolate and Hawaiian Coconut

I didn't order this one to taste test (just skipped right over it, oops!) but I've heard it's good and will probably order some of these for the favors:
Chocolate, Kona Coffee, and Caramel
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