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Yesterday was a really depressing day for me between the house and work issues. The more I thought about the house the more I realized that I don't LOVE it. I love the kitchen, and I'll likely never find a kitchen that I love more, but I don't love the rest. It's nice that it has a garage, and a fireplace, but those are things we can find in other homes. The back yard is a disaster. It's a half acre lot but it's on a hill... and it's not just a hill front to back, but also side to side and it's steep and inconsistent. It will be all the work of a regular yard, but none of the benefit because you can't really do much with it. We had explored the option of getting it leveled and putting in a retaining wall but it's not an option due to the fact that the house is on septic. And that's another issue, it's on septic, and then it has 4 different heating/a/c systems. Way too many things to go wrong.

On the home inspection, the biggest/most expensive issue was the chimney, approx. 5k-15k to get fixed. If we don't use the fireplace then it's not a big deal... but it may be a deal breaker when trying to sell down the line and we just don't have the money to fix it. One of the A/C units is past its lifespan and should go up at any moment, and there are potentially mold issues.

If we weren't paying top dollar for this house, these are probably things we could live with, but we're offering the bank's bottom line (it's a short sale) and that's more than it's worth in this condition. Also, since it's a short sale we can't negotiate them lower, and the house is being sold as-is.

It's really a bummer because of how much money we're out, but it would have been worse if we didn't figure all this out until we were already into the home. So now we're on the lookout again to try to find the perfect house. I've found some nice ones we'll likely try to go and see soon. Neither of which are short sales so we will have the ability to actually work with the sellers to find a deal that everyone's happy with, which is really nice. 

So yeah, long story short: between the $2k we've already put into this house, all the cash we're putting down, plus the repairs, costs of paint/moving in/etc AND the 3 months rent we'd need to break our lease, it's way over what we can afford and we don't feel like it's a good investment of our time or money.
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