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Did you get there before the guests?

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We're thinking about when we want to get to Hawaii.  Did you/are you getting to the hotel or resort a few days before your guests, or all around the same time?  Most of our guests will all be flying out of the same airport we are, so we could probably all theoretically be on the same flight.

Re: Did you get there before the guests?

  • We got there late on a Sunday night and our guests got there on Tuesday (except one family who got there on Sunday too, different flight,  but that was because of their vacation time). It was really nice to get there before. We made sure we were in Waikiki when they got in so we could help them w/ luggage and finding their rentals (we had rental houses, but you wouldn't have to help them if you're at a hotel). I would say get there early if you can b/c then you'll have answers when all you guests ask questions about the resort and places nearby.


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  • We will get there a day after one couple and a day before some, and three days before some.  I guess it all depends!
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  • We thought we were getting there a few days before everyone else, but as it turns out most decided to fly in the same day as us.  It was actually a cheeper plane ticket.  My sister and my adorable nephew will be on our plane which makes me happy that I can focus on helping her and the wedding. 
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  • We're getting there the day before everyone else.    We just want to make sure that everything is all set before the families come in. My Mom can be a little high strung and has a hard time just going with the flow if something comes up - so for my sanity, I wanted to make sure we had everything all set when they arrived.  It will also give FI and I some time to have a nice dinner on Saturday night before everyone arrives.
  • My brother and his family and my best friend all got there the same day as us, they just got there really early during the day and we didn't get there until the evening.  My parents were actually on the same flight as us.  My IL's all started coming the next couple of days.  I had planned on being there before everyone but it just didn't work out that way.  But honestly it wasn't a big deal at all.  They hung out all day and showed us around when we got there.
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  • We plan to get there three days before the wedding and it looks like some guests are making a vacation out of the trip.  Some will get there the same day we do!
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  • We're arriving the Monday before our Friday wedding.  Our WP arrives Wed., guests Thurs.  We did this so we'd have a day to do wedding-related meetings before everyone gets to town.  So far, it's sounding like we'll be meeting with the WC, the reception dinner restaurant's event coordinator, the marriage license person, and maybe the cake person too.  So a lot.  I'm glad we'll have the extra day and a half to get it all done (and still have some fun).
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