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Make-up Recommendations

After 27 years of fighting acne, I feel as though I have finally conquered it (thank you Clarisonic Pro). So, I finally feel as though make-up can serve more of a purpose than covering up my gross skin.  This is kind of embarrassing, but I never learned how to really apply make-up, what colors go best with my skin, etc.  So today I am planning on going somewhere to have a pro show me this kind of stuff, and then probably buy some of their products.  Since I am used to buying cheap stuff, I have no idea where I should go to do this.  I am thinking Ulta, MAC, Estee Lauder counter,?   Can anyone recommend these places?  I am kind of put off by Ulta right away because they charge $30 for makeup application, plus whatever it costs to buy the stuff.  I am looking for a place who will do the application for free, since I will be spending money on the products afterward.

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    i would personally get clinique and Lancome and also Estee Lauder.and sheseido the japanese brand.for skin care though.for makeup i recommend MAC and Lancome.MAC is amazing because i love the vibrant colors and the color is totally true and it's just gorgeous. a little pricey but its worth it.and yeah if ur not a makeup chick then i recommend u go have ur makeup done by a pro.(i hate get makeup done is because often on wedding day, they'll cake on ur makeup.)but still remember NEVER, never cake on ur makeup.and always stay ur signature makeup traits. and when using fountation, use the shade closest to ur skin color. and apply it on the neck and into the as natural as possible,aim for a barely there fountation.if ur a classic beauty, then try red lips and natural eyeshadow. it gives a glam feel. but if ur eyes are ur best trait, then be safe and apply a smokey eye.the key is find out what ur best trait is, then flaunt it!but remember, natural!
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