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Stayed with the ab/arm exercises yesterday, knee is still giving me a hard time. I might have to go get it looked at, I have had multiple surgeries on that knee including a replacement so its not like its just a normal 'my knee hurts' situation lol!

Yesterday we did pretty good food wise. FI made wraps with rice and salmon (filets that he cut up, not in a can) and it was SO good... that was the highlight of my day food wise lol! We did cheat a little as we bought a box of chocolates but only had a few little chocolates, didn't eat the whole box or anything lol

Today is going to be a write off likely. I am working from 7:30 until 4, and then my work Christmas party is at 5. I am going to get ready here at work as I live a half hour away from work so going home isn't an option. Our Christmas parties are a big ordeal. Everyone is dressed to the nines, its at this uber fancy country club. Open bar, 6 different buffets, professional photographe on site...

Here is a picture of FI and I at it last year:
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