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Good Morning Ladies!

My first good morning post!  I am just getting up and ready for the day.  Hopefully today doesn't drag on to bad. 

Have a great day!
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Re: Good Morning Ladies!

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    Good Morning, Meghan! I have to travel for work today, so I probably won't be on too much today! Have a good day ladies!
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    Morning ladies!

    Happy Hump Day! It feels like it should be closer to the weekend than this. Blah!

    Hope everyone has a great one!
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    You ladies too! Tomorrow is my Friday and then I'm off to LA for the weekend - wahoo! so stoked!
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    Morning ladies!  I'm at work, and the boss isn't!  So it will be a wonderful day!
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    Good morning!  I've been MIA for a couple of days so its time to play catch up.
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    Good morning! I'm at work as well, and I have to spend about half my day down on the plant floor... with a hairnet on! haha! I always feel like a lunch lady when I have to go down there!
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    I am basically sitting at my desk all day waiting for information on this oil spill to come in...watching testimony on cspan. So I will probably be on this site a LOT!
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    Good Morning everyone. Happy Wednesday! Really waiting for Friday to kick in. I haven't been sleeping well. I avg 2-3 hours a night...Hopefully I can stay up!
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    Happy Hump Day ladies!

    I just saw Jamie's pics on FB and wow she looked stunning. I can't wait to read her GBU.

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    Happy Hump Day! One day closer to Friday!

    I'm going to run to the mall to do some accessory shopping on my lunch hour.  I have to babysit my niece and nephew tonight, so I'm sure I won't be watch much grown up TV tonight. lol. 

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    yea ill probably be here alot today....have absolutely no plans today whatsoever except to  be lazy and cook dinner
    Happy Hump day!
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    Good morning! FI dragged me out of bed at 7:00 to go hiking! I gotta admit though, it's fun. Now I have to finish up a portrait I'm drawing for my art class.... and I am not artistic at alllllllll (molecular biology major here!)
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    [QUOTE]Happy Hump Day ladies! I just saw Jamie's pics on FB and wow she looked stunning. I can't wait to read her GBU.
    Posted by Orchid2011[/QUOTE]

    Good morning! Running off to check Jamie's pics! Thanks for the notice!
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    Lots of good morning updates this morning! It's fun to hear what ya'll are up to!

    Good afternoon(I'm a little late). I printed my AHR invites on Monday, and spent hours assembling them last night with mom . We didn't finish, so after work I'm going for a jog with a friend and then back to the invite fun! So thankful my mom is lending a hand.

    Happy hump day everyone!
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    Good morning!  Or afternoon, I suppose.  Went with a friend to observe a kickboxing class at Farrell's Extreme Body Shaping and ended up signing up for their 10 week class with her. Hope I don't regret it!

    Happy hump day!
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    Good morning everyone!  At work until 5 and then off to get my hair done!  I'm seeing a new stylist, so fingers crossed my hair doesn't turn green!  Have a great day!
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