Ideas please!

I am really worried about doing any DIY stuff for the wedding since I have a fear it will look as if a 2 year old put the stuff together. I want it to look cohesive but fear I can not pull it off. I am meeting with my DOC in a couple weeks so she will talk some sense into me I am sure but I want some help from you girls (and poof) as well.

I like the look of lace covered votives. So I want to attempt this but don't want it to look dumb it there is not lace on other things. I will use them in place of the tea lights the venue puts on the table. For flowers they will just be regular flower arrangements, nothing modern or anything crazy, so it should blend well right? And I am getting married at Spring Mill CC, so it should look ok right?! I am going nuts...

I also like the I DO, or WE DO letters people put on the cake table, can't decide what one is better.... and I can not decide what to paint them. My colors are royal blue, lavender, and ivory. I also like rhinestones. So I was thinking paint them a color, and put rhinestones along the border....

I know I am most likely over thinking this, but I only have time to think right now. LOL

So can you guys talk some sense into me?

Re: Ideas please!

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