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OK, I knew I should have left this to the experts!!  I had bought one of those crystal iron on transfer things from an Etsy seller, the same seller that I bought one from before but actually sent her my jacket to apply it for me and it is gorgeous!!  Well, I decided I would try one on my own and bought one that says Mrs. Berry EST. 08.08.10 and I was going to put it on a black t-shirt, well needless to say, I totally screwed it up.  For the record, here is the one that she did for me.


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    Who is the Etsy seller that made that? I LOVE it, I'd love a hoodie like that! :) 
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    The Etsy seller is CustomBlingApparel, the hoodie is actually one that I bought at Target and sent to her to apply the transfer for me because I didn't want to screw it up and after seeing what I did to the t-shirt, boy am I glad I did...LOL!!
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    I'm sorry it didn't came out the way you wanted to. But the one you had made is really cute! I want one!

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    Aw I'm sorry the one you DIY didn't work out too well. But the hoodie is absolutely adorable! I love it!

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    I love the hoodie.  I want to do this too.  What happened that it messed up?
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    DIYs gone-wrong are SO frustrating! I'm so sorry honey.

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    The hoodie is perfect because I bought the transfer from her then sent my hoodie to her to apply it for me, the t-shirt is what I screwed up.  Some of the crystals either moved or fell of totally as I was putting it down, then it says to apply the iron right to the film covering it so I did so and the damn thing melted all over the place so I don't know what I did wrong, and this is why I am not a DIY bride...LOL!!!
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    awww sweetie that sucks!!  maybe she'll do another one for you at a discounted price?  the hoodie looks really nice though... at least you have one thing/
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