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FI almost ruined another gift!!!

Last week someone brought up wedding gifts to each other, and I shared how I was originally going to buy FI a watch as his wedding present but he ended up buying it for himself.
So plan B is to get him the SF Giants World Series cufflinks from Tiffanys. I am so excited about them and I haven't told ANYONE but you ladies on here.  Last night we are talking about wedding stuff and we are planning to go shopping for his tie and a new shirt on Sunday. He mentions that he would really like to get some cool new cuff links for the wedding but he's not sure because no one would really notice, but it would be nice to have something new blah, blah, blah.  Inside I'm screaming at him NO NO NO, I am planning to buy you new ones as a wedding gift but of course trying to stay calm and indifferent as he's talking. 
Now I have to somehow convince him NOT to buy new cuff links without spoiling the surprise!!!  AAAHHHH.
Sorry this is so long but I had to tell SOMEONE!
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