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The Good, The Bad, the Ugly

The Good

We were picked up at 5:30 am in a 20 person limo bus arranged by my dad. It was awesome to be with a bunch of our family and wedding party, pop some champagne, and be relaxed heading to the airport.  Because we had such a large booking, we were all given VIP lounge passes, so we all had breakfast, coffee and for some - beer, while waiting to board our plane.  The flight was great (West Jet), although we had to pay for our meals, they did however pay for a round of drinks for Peter and I.  It was cute, they announced that there were two couples going to Mexico to get married, and they passed around napkins to everyone and had them write down their worst wedding advice, and then we got them at the end of the flight.  We had so much fun reading them before we landed.

We arrived in Mexico and boarded a bus to take us to our resort.  It was good since there was so many of us, that there was only one other couple on the bus, so we only had to stop at one other resort before ours.  The driver allowed us to stop and pick up beers and water for the hour and a half drive to our resort.

Check in went smoothly, although some of the rooms had one king size bed, and there were a couple guys sharing a room.  So we had to get them to bring in extra beds.  But other than that, everyone was pleased with their rooms.

The days leading up to the wedding were so much fun!  Our friends and families meshed well, and everyone had a ton of fun together.  We had our welcome dinner the night after we arrived, that is when we handed out our welcome bags.  We had a mariachi band come and they played for a bit and Peter and I danced :)  We went on a group excursion to Tulum and swam in the ocean there.  It is so gorgeous there, it reminded me of beaches in Thailand.

Our wedding was mid-week, on the Thursday.  My MOH spent the night with me the night before, and we had a Grey Goose and vodka before bed and I wrote my cards to my parents.  Woke up and had breakfast with my wedding party and my mom, lounged by the pool for a bit and then went to my room to shower.  Went and had my hair done at the spa with my mom.  During getting my hair done, one of Peter's groomsmen came in with a flower and a card from Peter, it was really sweet.  Then, later, another groomsmen came in with a card that said "Something Old".  Peter had said he would be taking care of my something old, so I was super curious!  In it was a charm that his grandpa had given to his grandma on their wedding day, it was a little wedding bell.  So cute!  Throught the day, different groomsmen would come and drop off cards and gifts from Peter that said Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.  My something new was a new watch, something borrowed was a hotel pen to sign our license, lol, and my something blue was a Tiffany's necklace.  So thoughtful, and such a fun idea!

After the spa I came back to my room and got my make up done by a friend, and Peter's groomswoman.  I felt bad because she still had to get ready, and once she was done she only had about half an hour to get ready.  But she did an awesome job, and exactly what I wanted.

We were picked up in a club car, like a little golf cart at 3:55 pm and taken down to the beach.  I heard Peter's song that he walked down the aisle to "Kiss - I was made for loving you" start up, and he danced and high fived down the aisle.  He he.  When it was me and my dad's turn to go I was so freaking excited!  I thought I would be bawling, but I was sooooo happy and excited, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face!  Peter was the one emotional throughout the whole ceremony and I was the strong one!  LOL

The ceremony was perfect, I really liked the minister.  It was about 20 minutes long.  Afterwards we took some family shots, and then went off with our photographer to do group shots.  Dinner was at 6 to 8, and really yummy.  Afterwards we had a private poolside party from 8 - 11 where we did first dances and speeches.  Everyone's speech was so sweet, especially my dad's.  He came up with the idea a few days before our wedding to hand over the torch to Peter.  So he had someone in Mexico hand carve a torch!  While he was saying his speech, about how he was handing me over to Peter, in essence, handing him the torch, the Survivor theme song started playing, and then my MOH and the Best Man walked up carrying a lit torch!  My dad took it and handed it to Peter, Peter got on his knee and accepted it!  It was so funny, and awesome all in one!

After the poolside party we went to the Hacidenda, were the disco is, and sat around at these outdoor tables and danced, drank and partied.  When Peter and I finally got back to our room very late, it was decorated with rose petals, champagne, choclate covered strawberries, little gifts, and books.  My mom had set it all up, it was so sweet.

The rest of the week with everyone was awesome!  I couldn't wipe the smile off my face, we are so lucky to have such amazing friends and family.  Peter and I had a week honeymoon just the two of us once everyone left, it was so nice to unwind, relax and recharge.  We had the chance to go to the a la carte restaurants that week, and ate and drank ourselves silly!  All in all, it was like a dream, and the best 2 weeks of my life.

The Bad

There aren't very many "bads".  One that comes to mind is the night of the wedding, my Dad's roommate who came (hard to explain their relationship, best friends, live together, they aren't together, she has a bf) cornered my mom (my dad and mom are divorced) and started going off about how she abandoned us, and she needs to give my brother more attention.  I saw them talking, but didn't think anything of it.  My mom came up to me after and wasn't going to tell me, but I could see she was upset, and when I pried, she told me and she started crying.  i was SO pissed off, how dare she make my mom cry on my wedding night?!  I took my mom to the bathroom to calm her down and tell her that is not how me or my brother think at all, and that she (dad's roommate) has issues of her own, and is projecting that on my mom which wasn't fair.  I'm still mad at her for that.

The night of the wedding when we were headed back to our friend's room for a few more drinks before bed, we walked in the room where my MOH was staying, and our friend who she was rooming with was sitting on the bed bawling.  She had gotten a ton of bug bites at dinner, and was in pain.  I plopped down on the floor in my dress and started putting toothpaste on her bites which stopped the pain a bit.  She felt so bad and was crying and saying "I'm ruining your wedding, you need to be having sex!"  LOL.  I told her to shut it, and that don't worry, we would be later.  He he.

Peter's stepdad has had three kidney transplants, he's amazing.  But because of that, he has a very low immune system.  So on the last few days, he got sick.  He had to spend a day in his room.  He eventually felt a little better so could come to dinner and the beach.  When he got home he had to go to the hospital, he was dehydrated, and had to get an IV.  But then he got an infection from the IV :( He's doing a lot better now, and will be okay, but it was scary...

The Ugly

I honestly don't think there was an ugly!
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Re: The Good, The Bad, the Ugly

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    I teared up reading about your day.  It was so thoughtful of your dad to think of the torch, and it sounds like everyone had such a great sense of humor throughout.  It would have been a fun group to hang out with!

    What's your favorite piece of worst wedding advice? :)
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: The Good, The Bad, the Ugly</a>:
    [QUOTE]What's your favorite piece of worst wedding advice? :)
    Posted by ms_teach[/QUOTE]

    There are a few that made me laugh:

    - At the last minute suggest a pre-nuptual agreement
    - Always split the bill, cause she is after your money!  Put a lock on your change jar!
    - Don't save any money for your kids college funds.  Blow it all on yourselves!
    - Whatever you do, don't listen to or support eachother!  Oh and sleep with anyone who will have ou!
    - Accidentially forget to take your birth control pill and keep your vasectomy a secret

    One cute one:

    <strong>M</strong>utual respest
    <strong>R</strong>ealize when you're wrong and make it right
    <strong>R</strong>andom acts of bouquet-giving
    <strong>I</strong>magination - in all things
    <strong>A</strong>ffection...again and again
    <strong>E</strong>very day - be grateful for eacother
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    Everything sounds so amazing!  So glad you had such a great time and lots of little surprises along the way!  Can't wait to see more pics!
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    Aww, it sounds like everything was amazing and the pics are beautiful.  Glad you guys had a great trip.  Welcome back and congrats!
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    Congrats!!  Everything sounds like it went off perfectly.  Can't wait to see more pics...

    See 'ya on the flip side!
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    Congrats MRS!!! So glad to hear how wonderful everything turned out and that you only had a few bads and no uglies!!
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    Aww it sounds like you had an amazing day!! Everything sounded wonderful and you are so sweet for helping your friend out like that on your wedding night!

    I couldn't comment on your other post with your pics but they are GORGEOUS and I LOVE your hair!! It came out so beautiful!!!

    Congrats to you MRS.!!!
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    Awww everything sounded so wonderful!  I must say, there is always some type of family drama that occurs, so for that to be the only negative, that's pretty good!

    I cannot believe that I just today found the discussion boards for destination weddings.  I've seen the other ones but this would have been much more helpful.  I'm getting married in April in Jamaica, so I'm glad I found this now so I can read more advice in the final months of planning.  Thanks for sharing your story!
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