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Hey guys,
My FI and I have been narrowing down our invitation choices and think we have found the ones we want. We are really struggling with what to include in the invitations and wanted to ask some advice.
What did you guys include in the invitations ? We have already sent out packets with our STD's that give guests information on booking, weather, maps, wedding itinerary, etc. Should we also include that information in the invite ?

Also, we need a headcount for the rehearsal dinner and the farewell brunch. Should we include this info in the invite and include it in the RSVP?

And what about the AHR? Did you guys mail out a separate invite for this or did you include it in the destination invite ? Should we have every event on the reply cards ?

Sorry for all the questions we just want to make sure we do the right thing..and give our guests as much information as possible !
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Re: Invitation Help

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    If you have a wedding website, include that on the invite, so people can find the STD information again.  If you don't have one yet, you might want to start one since you could put RSVP sections on there for the rehearsal dinner and the brunch and ask people to respond on there since people might know that they're coming to the wedding, but depending on their travel plans, they may not know about the rehearsal and brunch ahead of time. 

    Either way, I would include a separate page that includes the information about the rehearsal dinner and brunch (maybe you could find an invite that has multiple little sheets of paper that tuck into pockets.) 

    We didn't have an AHR, but for most of the ones we've been invited to, there was a separate invitation, and there was usually some note on the wedding invite or on the website indicating that there would be an invite coming out later for the AHR.  But if you're having it really closely after the wedding, I don't think it would be too weird to send it out together. 
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    It really depends on your guests. Mine had the invite to the wedding, invite to the reception in the states, one for the accommations in Mexico and the RSVP card which included lines for the wedding and AHR

    FI's family is quite large (and old school European) and some are not tech savvy so relying on a website would not work for us. If that is the case I would make sure all informtion is somehow included in your mailing

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    Thanks for the advice -

    Yes, some of my guests are not so tech may be better to include everything in the invitation. I was thinking of having a reply card that included everything (rehersal, brunch, AHR). Or I could send out seperate invitations for the rehersal and brunch once I know for sure who is coming. 
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