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South Padre Island

I was just wondering if anyone on here was having their wedding on South Padre Island,TX or even up in Corpus like Port Aransas and stuff....

Re: South Padre Island

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    My dad is trying to get me to have it at Port A as they live on North Padre Island...he says that they have weddings there all the time.

    The water is so much prettier there than when I was a kid, not sure why but I'd be a little concerned about the oil spill as many think it's going to back up that way.

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    I know I was a little concerned about it too, we've gone up to the north padre but I have never been to south padre yet and I didn't see any signs of the oil spill but I am pushing my wedding back so it might be showing by then and i hope not! lol....if you know anyone like vendors or anything for the North Padre Island could you please pass them my way? TIA
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    I'll check with my parents and let you know. Between the two of them, they seem to know EVERYONE in the Corpus area.
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