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Wedding Coordinator?

Hello everyone,

I'm planning a June 2013 wedding at Bentleys on the Bay in Seaside, FL. We live in Cincinnati, OH. I am required to use a wedding coordinator at this venue for at least the day of the wedding, which is $875. The full service wedding coordinator is $2450.
I wanted to get opinions about the necessity of a full service wedding coordinator vs. day of coordinator?
Our budget for the wedding is around $22,000.

Thanks so much!!

Re: Wedding Coordinator?

  • We will have a WC provided to us by our resort free of charge, and she is just someone at this point in the process that is answering questions that I have. From my understanding, things pick up once we arrive at the resort, with all of the details being finalized. Do you have a list of what the WC does vs the day of WC? I would compare what it is that they do to determine if it is worth the money, or is it something that you will be doing yourself anyway?
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  • It really depends on you, how much you want to do yourself and what works for your budget. I will tell you that my day of coordinator is god sent!! If I could have afforded her for full service coordination. I would have done so in a heartbeat!! BUT, I'm not remotely creative and I hate making decisions.... I'm the kind of bride that just wants to tell you what colors I like, and show up and get married!! Ha! If you are more the type that wants to be in control, I would say you're fine with day of coordination! I also hired my day of coordinator for consultation work- paid her 85/hr to help me w/ decor. It took her like 45 mon what would have taken me months! Lol! Maybe see if yours offers that. Since she knows the area like the back of her hand, it could prove to be super helpful! Where is Seaside? What part of FL? My family is from Cincy and I live in Fl! Who Dey!
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  • I agree with the others that I would get a list of what exactly each of them does so that you can compare...

    My resort provides a WC, and I would be LOST without her.... she's been a lifeline, I call her my Wedding Planning Angel! I seriously don't know how women keep their sanity doing it without one! lol
  • I have one and I seriously do not know what I would do without her. I am a lot like Emily in the sense that I want to tell someone what I like and my style and they do the deciding. I am so busy already that I would never have been able to do it without her. She charges 15% of our wedding budget and has been worth every penny. I think it is different if the wedding was in your hometown...but when doing destination I feel it is important to have one.

    Also - you could probably shop around a little for other WC's in the area so you can find your favorite. I would ask for reviews/recommendations because your WC is seriously your rock during wedding planning. Especially when my FI is just as indecisive as myself.

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  • Thank you everyone for your responses!!

    ....But I'm going to pick your brains even more ;)

    For those of you who have coordinators, do you feel hiring he/she made you spend more money in the long run? I want the extra "special touches" that a coordinator can put into the ceremony and reception that I don't think I'll think of doing (I'm not super creative) but I dont want them to run up my bill since I am on a budget.
    I do feel like I would have the time and energy to plan the wedding by myself but I don't know how creative and special I will be able to make the day. Sounds odd, but I'm sure you know exactly what I am talking about :)

    Thank you so much!!!
  • EmilyL113EmilyL113 member
    edited April 2012
    I definitely know exactly what you mean haha...

    You just need to talk to her, and be up front about your budget.  She'll be 100% honest if she can make it work or not.  When I first talked to mine and told her my budget, she (very tactfully), told me I was insane... Guess what - she was EXACTLY right.  We pretty much doubled our budget when all is said and done - LOL!  Luckily, we work for commission and both had great years last year, so we could afford it, but had it not been for that, I would have found a way to make the original budget work.  Especially if you want the "extra special touches" and you're not creative / have no desire to DIY, that can really start adding up trust me haha!  You may just have to give and take and prioritize!  If the "little touches" are extra special to you, maybe you don't go quite as crazy on the flowers, or food.  You can make it work!

    How many people are coming to your wedding?
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