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Question for the MRS. and Future MRS......

from now until summer 2010. (if that made any sense)

I've gotten so many inspiration from many knotties since I've been here (4/09) and just recently (7/09) I've been an active poster almost everyday. Anywho.... My question is, If I have a question regarding something I saw/like/want from your bio and I have your email can I email you? or if I have you as a friend in FB can I ask you there? Or how can I get in touch with you, will you pop in once in a while?
My wedding is not until 4/2011 so I really haven't started "planning" as per say. I just have gotten lots and lots of ideas. I'm planning on making DIY projects during Christmas break so within the next week or two I'll be staking your bios and asking a million questions. I know some knotties that have gotten married already since I've been here pop in once in awhile but I haven't seen some others knotties at all.

I'm only asking because I don't want to email you without your permission. And now that I have 1yr and 3 months left (which still feels like an eternity) I'm going to be actually more involve with the wedding related stuff.

I know the new knotties will be awesome too, but am just so used to you lovely ladiesSmile


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Re: Question for the MRS. and Future MRS......

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