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Wedding colors- what are yours??

In case you all have not figured this out, we are a SUPER INDECISIVE couple!

So as far as what color my sister (my MOH and our only attendant) wears, I told her to pick a few colors and I'd pick the one I liked. I like blues, pinks, oranges, greens... we'll be getting married on a beach in Mexico in December (no I don't know which one- cause again we can't decide!).

My sis thinks turquoise will blend in with the water. Do you guys think so?

What colors are you using? Other than liking the colors, any particular reason?


(P.S. I think I'm going to change my name to IndecisiveBride, for real!)

Re: Wedding colors- what are yours??

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    We are going w/ bright/tropical colors - hot pink & turquoise! The girls will be wearing "watermelon" from David's.
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    LOL I love the name change idea!  That was so me a year ago! 

    My colors are blue and orange. 
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    Our colors are navy blue and fuchsia, mustard yellow is our filler color to mix it up.
    I like hot pink and I wanted a colorful bouqet.  We're having a cruise wedding so the navy blue and mustard yellow fit the nautical theme.
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    My colours are turquiose and hot pink too. I think they look fun, bright and tropical. 
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    We're not doing a beach wedding - we're doing a Southern garden wedding.  Our colors are aqua, pale yellow,and lime green.
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    I really love turquoise, the only reason I didn't go with it is that it seems to be 'the color' for destination weddings. 
    I get what you're trying to do with your sister so she will feel really comfortable and not be complaining that you made her wear something ugly...I tried to do the same thing with my 5 bridesmaids and ended up picking it myself as no one would give any positive input.
    I think that, with destination anyway, the color doesn't matter as much as it would at home.  Apart from the dresses, I'm not incorporating the colors into the wedding too much.  Go with whatever you want, it's not going to make them look like their floating against the ocean!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Wedding colors- what are yours??</a>:
    [QUOTE]I really love turquoise, the only reason I didn't go with it is that it seems to be 'the color' for destination weddings.
    Posted by masurwedding[/QUOTE] Same here. I was initially thinking several coordinating blue hues for my color. Ended up going with lime and mandarin because I found several invitations and decorations that really inspired me with those choices.  
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    Our colors are a pale aqua and a beige sand color. Our color was after the "fresh mint" color of our bridesmaid dresses from J.Crew.
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    I'm having 4 girls and all 4 are wearing a different color.  My sister, MOH, and I share a love of blue so she is going to find a really pretty aqua/turqoiuse type color. My other 3 are wearing hot pink, bright orange, and haven't for sure decided the fourth but thinking a tropical bright green.  They are all wearing the color they love nad think they look good in and I love bright colors.  The flowers will be a mixture and most of the accents/ribbons/etc. will be the blue we get for my sister.  My wedding will be laid back, fun and colorful. I will also find a way to wear the blue- maybe a flower hairpin or my sandals?
    I love all of your ideas!

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    Our colors are aqua blue and a pale lime green. I don't think the turquoise would blend in.
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    We're getting married in Mexico in November (pacific side.) 

    I'm in advertising and went to design school so picking the right color palette was one of those things I just could not decide on. We finally decided to go with:

    Navy (chosen for the deep blue water of the Pacific Ocean)
    Peach (for our sunset ceremony) 
    Light Grey (as our neutral. Inspiration taken from the sand, and it is also my favorite color.) 

    Good luck! 

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    I'm with chrisandruth10! A woman after my own heart. I'm not a fan of traditional restrictive color palette so I'm going with all of them! Challenge - to avoid my wedding looking like an 80s flash back or a box of melted crayons. I want it to be very natural, more muted colors that you can find all over the world. I first thought to go with bright colors but it just wasn't fitting my vision so now I've found inspirations (posted all over my bio) that fit my vision WAY better. I'm not sticking to a color palette, I'm going with what feels right and I'm IN LOVE with my colorful wedding.
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    hey there!  i actually just got married in Ocho Rios, Jamaica this past february.  We got married on Valentine's day and since it's a tropical destination, i thought the idea of the girls wearing different shades of red, poppy and coral would be nice.  i sent them pictures of some swatches and had them buy whatever dress they wanted as long as they were cocktail, knee length dresses within those shades.  i actually didn't see the dresses until the morning of!!  luckily they turned out perfect!  i think purple or any bold color would like awesome against the backdrop of a destination wedding.  good luck!! 


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