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So I have been thinking about photography all week.  I know I can hire someone close to Destin that knows the area, and maybe even my exact location.  However, I think if I did that, I could just hire a photographer from anywhere that I like.
I have a photographer in Dallas that I have been blogstalking for months. He offers free destination wedding photography.  (Well, almost free, we have to pay for flight, hotel, and travel costs) which ends up being much less than some of the photographers in Florida.  Another positive is that he is local (to me) and I won't have to pay high shipipng costs.Although, I think if I didn't live close I would still want to use him.  My fiance loves his stuff AND the fact that it is a male photographer is a plus (I guess he feels more comfortable around guys, I don't know)
Am I crazy?  Do people do this?  Or should I stick with someone who knows the climate, location, and all that?
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