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Good Friday Morning!

Gotta love a Friday that starts off with no having to go to work! YAY!  What plans does everyone have going on this 3-day weekend? How was your Thanksgiving?

We will be doing a bit around the house today, going to Home depot to pick out the paint for our Jack n Jill bathroom, picking up frames from Ikea and meeting friends for happy hour at Trader Vic's. I can't wait for the happy hour part! hehe We are going to go see the Rum Diaries after that. The rest of the weekend will be spent working on the house.

Oh, for those of you who wanted a report, The Help was great! So funny! Go see it! And all I have to say is pie....

Thanksgiving was alright. I of course, enjoyed having the day off. I did a nice little breakfast for Drew, Amanda (my daughter) and Mom. Then we went over to Drew's families.  That's where the alright part comes in.  His mom is sooooooo inappropriate with her "affection" towards him. It seriously grosses me out.  And the food wasn't what I look forward to every year.  Oh, well! I am going to make us all what we wanted in the next couple weeks.
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