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This is it... my time for the LP.

Well… I can’t believe it’s my turn.  We’re leaving at before dawn tomorrow morning, staying overnight in Durham, NC, and then heading on to the beach Sunday.  Right now the weather says rain and the wildfire is sending smoke over to the OBX every few days, depending on the wind.   It’s too early to tell what Friday will look like and we can’t control the elements anyway, so I’m leaving in good spirits and feeling pretty optimistic about it.  My wedding band was a huge stressor, but it worked out in the very end, so I’m hoping the same for our big day at the beach. :)

 This board has been amazingly helpful and supportive.  It’s been so much fun getting to know everyone.  I’m afraid I’m going to leave someone out, but here it goes: 

To the newlyweds Laura, Kelly, Amanda, Brandi… thank you for sticking around!  It’s been so fun planning with you ladies and I feel like I’d go through withdrawal if you all left right after your weddings.  I’ve taken notes from you all and can’t wait to come back and share our wedding with you! 

To the summer brides Sarah, Pam, Michaela… it’s our turn!!  I’ve been comparing our progress along the way and thank you for helping me keep it together.  I can’t wait to see your wedding pictures and hear all about your days. 

To the fall brides Jillian, Brea, Kayla, Jen… your weddings will be here before you know it. Get as much done as you can now so you can relax when your wedding gets closer.  Going a little stir crazy waiting to leave this week has been a good problem to have.  It’s nice knowing everything is taken care of.  Trust me, FI was stressed to the max because he didn’t get his butt in gear soon enough. :)

To the future bride Samantha… enjoy being engaged!  I’m excited to watch the next year fly by for you. Your bio is already so put together, I can’t wait to see how all the plans turn out.   And Lisa… thank you for taking care of the KKs, your day is coming, girl!

 To the old DW ladies whose weddings I watched unfold Laura, Mel, Alison, Jamie, Misty, Randi, Kristen, April, Dani, Tiff, Maura… and so many more… thank you for inspiring me to stick with our DW decision and thank you for giving me a chance when I was a newbie. 

Finally, to all the new DW girls… be nice to each other, share all of your wonderful ideas, enjoy every minute of your plans (even when they don’t seem to be going your way), and I hope you have the beautiful destination wedding of your dreams. 

That’s it, ladies.  We're getting married!!!  See you on the flip side!  =)

06.24.11 OBX, NC
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