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What to register for?

Hi girls-

I think I'm going to drag FI to BBB today to start the registry there.

So tell me, what did you register for?
What do you wish you'd registered for?
What could you do without?


Re: What to register for?

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    [QUOTE]We pretty much had everything we needed/wanted, but people insisted we register, even it was to re-vamp our bathroom towels, etc.  So that's what I did.  I registered for new bathroom linens.  We also registered for kitchen stuff.  I am a fan of Giada, and since Target carries her line of cook/bakeware and kitchen tools I registered for some of those as well. :)
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    I LOVE Giada!!
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    You shouldn't be able to see someone's molars when they're talking to you.  It's unnatural.  lol

    I have this and LOVE it!  I can set it up in the morning and it cooks all day for me while I'm gone.  When the cooking time is up, it switches over to warm so the food doesn't burn.  LOVE that!!!
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    I wish we hadn't registered for placemats & napkins. I just don't think we'll use them often enough for it to be worth it, and that's what a lot of people ended up buying us.
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