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Rehersal Dinner/Welcome Party

I have started planning the rehersal dinner and the welcome party. We booked the locations and menus a while ago but now I am thinking of decor. My mind is going wild and I am thinking of a navy and green theme at the rehersal and pink and green Lilly-esque for the welcome party...basically now I want to order linens and decor and all kinds of stuff but is it too much? Do I need decorations for these pre wedding parties?
The welcome party is a very low key cocktail party at a beach bar and was just thinking of getting pink and green linens and having fun cocktail napkins and getting those cute toothpick flags for the foods in lilly prints.
Then for the rehersal have navy linens and kelly green napkins, maybe nautical rope knot napkin rings, and those cute anchor placecards that hang on your wine glass? And now I want to send out nautical invites for the rehersal too.
Am I going crazy, is it dumb to decorate this much for the pre wedding parties? Is this because I am done decorating for the wedding and I now want something else to do? I feel another shop a thon on etsy coming along and I need you guys to stop me!!
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