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16 & Pregnant

Who watched it?

Also, who else would like to have their honeymoon at the race track? Anyone? Anyone?

Re: 16 & Pregnant

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    I had NO idea you even could get married at the age of 16! My mom would have killed me! Between the "Don't worry, it's not yours" shirt and the groom's outfits, it just doesn't get more whiskey tango.

    And I totally agree. Spazzy actually told me that when I come visit her, I have to sleep in her tent-house. This whole time she led me to believe she lived in an actual house. ;)
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    a tent-house huh?
    Harper Grace 8.31.12

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    Yea, what the heck is a tent house?
    imageExerciseMilestone Anniversary
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    edited October 2010

    Brooke + Cody = Brody. The perfect combination ;) That family... Wow! Whiskey Tango is right! I was shocked that they didn't bring the baby home in a race car. Oh and I enjoyed the "Don't worry, it's not yours" shirt but I think my favourite shirt of hers was "I'm not fat, I'm knocked up" Pure class.

    That's right Maura! Aren't you excited to stay in my spare bedroom?

    Mel & Meghan- This is a tent house
    The room on the right will be Maura's

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    I was hooked to the first season and still watch that one, but haven't seen any of the newer shows.  It sounds like I missed a real classy one. ;)
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