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It's Saturday! :)

Good morning Knotties!

I had a friend come over last night, and I made dinner. We ate it outside on my deck, which was my first outside meal at the house. It was awesome! The weather was so beautiful too :) 

I made my garlic chicken parmesan, whole wheat pasta and green beans:

Yes-- that's an english muffin. LOL! They need to get thrown out today so I wanted to use the last two.

Then when it got a little chilly we went inside and warmed up with chocolate fondue!
Yum :)

Of course, I ate 90% of the fondue. Whoops! I'm going to need to work hard at the gym today to make up for that one!

And then we watched TV for a bit and when Rachel went home I cuddled up on the couch and watched about 5 minutes of Water for Elephants before falling asleep.

I slept in!!! I didn't wake up until a little before 9 AM. This is really impressive for me. Since we bought the house, the latest I've slept was 7:00, and that was the morning after we moved in, and I had gone to bed at 4:00 AM. 

Haha, sorry for the bit of AW there, but I'm just amazed that I have a day off AND I slept in!!

What's on tap for the weekend?
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