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How do you decide who to invite from work?

I work at a hospital with soooo many nurses....

I've been there a long time ... like 8 years. I've been invited to some of their weddings. But mine is a DW. Plus I feel like where I work can be so high school sometimes. Like I don't feel that close to some of the girls. I don't know what to do, because I need to send out my save the dates soon. 

I dont want to offend anyone though.... but there are certain people Id rather not be there. But then im like well they prob wont come anyways.....

Also .... my FI and I have called the Marriott in the Caymans twice and I emailed today over the past week to try to just TALK to the wedding planner about their venue and they havent even called us back. Very frustrated :(

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