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OK ladies I need to vent...(planning trip related)

Just talked to my boss about taking a couple days off at the end of October to go check out our venue in Jamaica before we sign any contracts comitting us to anything (since we've never been there and I just couldn't bring myself to sign anything before going and seeing it for myself!). Our resort that we're considering, Half Moon in Montego Bay, has a special for every 3rd Thursday of the month, part of your stay/menu tasting with the chef will count towards the cost of your wedding package (great deal imo!)

Anyway, so FI and I finally got it nailed down last night that we wanted to go Oct. 20-23 for that special deal. I asked my boss this morning and basically he didn't approve it/kinda did because we have 4 big proposals coming out and I work in a small office where's there's only 4 of us contracts people, and we might be too busy. The problem gets worse because we have no idea when those proposals are coming out! Supposed to be this month, but really who knows. So he said if I get refundable tickets and everything it would be cool, but it was basically a "don't be disappointed if you have to cancel later" kind of thing.

Then I go to tell my mom about what happened and she suggests to not only send my FI alone, but also reminds me that "she personally would not be getting married in Jamaica" and I should be "considering a local wedding so everyone come." Ugh. So over this day already.
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