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Good Tuesday Morning!

Hey everyone, so I have a minute to check in right now, and plan on doing so! How is everyone's morning going? Any big plans today?

I work until 2:30 today (yay for an early day to leave). After that I have to go buy some craft supplies. We are having a big decorating contest at work and my team is doing 'Christmas Down Under' so I gotta buy the stuff to make a bunch of palm trees lol... figured that would be a hit on this board :) Any advice? hahaha

After that going home to get a bit of housework done. FI and I have a business meeting at 8 tonight, but we'll leave a little earlier as we are heading to a store in town to pick up a new nativity set for the house first :) Its the last of the decorations I need to pick up to be ready for the Holidays :)

Hope you're all well, love all you girls :)
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