Hi Ladies,
I am getting married on the beach in Dewey Beach Delaware and am searching for a solo violin musician to play for our ceremony for about an hour. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA so any help you can provide is a huge help since no one around this area typically travels to Dewey Beach to perform without a big fee.
Thanks in advance!

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    ButtonsPepperButtonsPepper member
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    Sienna Strings. They send out just one if that's what you want. I had 3 at my wedding for the ceremony, and just loved them! THey were very professional, sounded great, and everything went smoothly.

    Emily is really really nice, and if you have a specific song, they will learn it for you
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    ev4149ev4149 member
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    My former violin teacher (Larisa Martinez-Epps)  has a trio, and I know they play weddings... I bet she would do solo work. 

    She is super nice and very talented, I highly recommend her!
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    Thanks Buttons Pepper! I just sent an email to them now.
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    Thanks for the rec! Do you have any contact info for her? If not I can search for her online.
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