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My FI and I are considering a cruise wedding after just buying a house and our wedding budget getting cut in half!  I have just started looking at cruise lines and was wondering if anyone has gotten married or is getting married on Royal Caribbean?  I am considering that line because of recommendation from a few friends who are avid cruisers.
Any cruise wedding advice that anyone has would be greatly appreciated!!

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    My fi and I are getting married in August when our Carnival cruise stops in Key West.  We decided to plan our own wedding rather than get married on the ship so we could have more flexibility with planning.

    All cruise weddings, I believe, are handled by a company called The Wedding Experience.  If you want to upgrade flowers, etc., the prices can be pretty steep.  However, some girls on this board are working with this company and have had pretty good things to say.
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    Thank you for your advice.  I was wondering if I should use a TA or not.  I will look into that for sure now!
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    I'm getting married in 16 days on RC's "Freedom of the Seas".  Like someone else stated, all weddings on board most major cruise lines are done through a company called The Wedding Experience (they're called "Royal Romance" for RC)  If you like a lot of control over details, it can be stressful.  I had issues with them at first, but after speaking with a manager I've had a great experience.  I think cruise weddings can be a cheaper alternative and I'm looking forward to celebrating with our families for a week, while also being 2 floors away from everyone so we still have privacy. :)
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    We're getting married in May 2011 on Carnival's Western Caribbean Cruise leaving out of Tampa.

    In order to choose what cruise line to use we started a spreadsheet with one table of what we wanted and then an additional one for each cruise line and what they offered, and what the cost was for JUST the wedding on each cruiseline.

    Then we narrowed down the date and destination and for each cruiseline priced out JUST the cost of the cruise.

    Then we compared all of the info, dates, destination ports, and prices.  We knew for our family they wanted 7 days (since we are flying in from the west coast of canada, make the most of it) and most are on a limited budget.

    We ended up with Carnival since they had the wedding packages we liked, the ports and dates and excursions we liked.

    We weren't partial to any cruise line only having cruised on Carnival before, but my FBIL is a platinum member of Carnivals and loves it, plus we have very similar likes and priorities as him so it was a plus!

    We ended up going with a Carnival personal vacation planner for the cruise bookings, but guests can use whoever they want.  Everyone is responsible for their own flights (being spread out over Canada and having certain family members wanting to take control, this was the best) and we are dealing with Carnival's wedding department.

    So far so good.... It is over a year away but I can't wait~
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