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AHR question...

Should I get corsages for family members (parents, grandparents, etc...)? for the at home reception...opinions? Thanks!!

Re: AHR question...

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    I think it'd be a cute gesture if you're having a formal reception.
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    I think it's fine, it's kind of a personal preference.  We won't be doing it at ours.
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    Im not. We are having a beach themed afternoonish reception and are serving breakfast

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    I am gettin coursages and bouts made for the moms and dads along with my flowers and Jeff's bout. they are natural touch so if the moms want to wear them again I say go for it. I'm usuing my flowers again for the AHR.  but it would be a nice idea to do that for them
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    [QUOTE]I think it'd be a cute gesture if you're having a formal reception.
    Posted by numb3rMel[/QUOTE]

    Agreed! Or if you can afford them =P
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    So far I agree with the PP's.  I know that I probably won't be having them at my AHR simply due to money issues.  The girls won't have bouquets either.  More likely I'll be making my bouquet that morning to toss at the AHR! 
    Hope this helps!
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    It will all depend on price too I suppose... If they are cheap enough, I DO think it would be a nice gesture! :) 
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    If it was in the budget I would def consider it.  Right now I'm thinking about doing embroidered lace handkerchief as gifts instead (I think it would be too expensive to do both).
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