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Bridesmaid gifts

What are you giving your bridesmaids and when are you giving it to them? Are you gving them something special or you just giving them the same thing the guests are getting in their welcome bags? Are you giving them their gifts when away or before you leave?

I'm thinking of giving my bridesmaids the same things that are in the welcome bags but giving them a much nicer bag such as the Miche Bag? Thoughts....
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Re: Bridesmaid gifts

  • I am only going to have one Bridesmaid and I am just going to give her a special gift and I am going to give it to her before the wedding 
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  • I gave my girls each a gift box that contained a pair of sunglasses, flip flops, and some Philosophy shower gel in "Señorita Margarita" scent. Then under all that stuff I hid a Coach wristlet (different one for each girl's taste). I ended up giving them to my friends in the middle of my shower, because they took them away when I arrived and put them with the other gifts. I intended to give them to the girls after the shower anyway, because my MOH lives out of state. Plus I didn't want to have to pack it all and then make them worry about getting it home. They'll get welcome bags with all of the other guests at the wedding.
  • Thanks for your input... I'm not having a bridal shower. My two bridesmaids are far away and out of state. The next time I'll see them is for the wedding so they havne't really been around to do any "wedding" things. I guess my only choice is to give it to them at the wedding. 

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  • There's nothing wrong with that. Every time I've been a BM, we were given gifts at the wedding.
  • I got my BM's the jewelry (necklace and earrings) for the wedding and then I got them each a silver  monogram necklace with their initials.  I loved the monogram necklace so much that I got myself once with my new initials to wear at the reception!!
    I am either going to give them to them at the welcome dinner or the morning of the wedding when we are all getting ready.

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  • I got my girls beach bags with their initials and I'm filling the bags with things they love- wine, fancy tea, chocolate, etc and an ornament. I'm taking them out for a bridesmaid lunch when they're all home for Christmas and giving them their gifts then. It's kind of early, but I wanted to give them their gifts before the wedding because I didn't want to worry about packing them, and one won't be in town except at Christmas. 

    I also have two "men of honor" and I'm basically doing the same thing for them, except I got them gym bags because I know they both need new ones. 
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  • I got my girls each a large mongrammed tote bag, I filled it with a make-up bag that had some travel size advil, tissues, hair ties, bobby pins, etc inside. They also got a pair of sandals to wear for the wedding and flip flops for the beach, a pair of yoga pants to wear while getting ready, a can of good hairspray, a hanger with their name on it, and a they each got the same Kate Spade bracelet. I meant to give them out at my shower but I forgot and since they are my sisters, I just handed them out at Thanksgiving. I think you could just give your girls their things at the wedding, that's how it has been done for every wedding I have been in. I just did it before so they could use the bag for travel if they wanted, and I didn't want to try packing all that sutff once I realized how much I had gotten them lol.
  • I am going to give my girls their gifts at our meet and greet Thursday night. I got them a tote bag from vista print, necklace and earring set to wear at the wedding from eBay, purse hooks from eBay, clutch purses to use in the wedding instead of flowers from QVC n tank tops to wear the morning of wedding either from Betsy or DIY. I only have 3 girls plus mob and mog.My fiance is getting the guys including father's engraved pen n pencil sets.
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