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Good morning ladies.  I had to get this out, and I think you would be the only one's who could relate.  We had special rate plane tickets booked for our guests months ago to ensure that they got great rates.  At the time, everything online was going up in price, and it didn't seem to stop. Well, my brat sister finally just decided when she was going to fly, so the TA got my mom the information and the price of the ticket.  I was like, "ok, sounds good".  Then I decided to just check w/ the airline directly online.  OMG!!!!!!!!!!  If my sister books directly w/ the airline, it would save her roughly $220.  Seriously?  Then I put in my parents flight.  $700 savings!!!!!!  And my best friend and her family, $600 savings!!!!!!  And I proceded to get everyone's quoted flight prices, and check online.  EVERYONE was cheaper!!!!!!!  Soooooo, I have an "urgent" email sent to the TA to ask her about this.  The lucky thing is that no one's credit cards have been charged yet.  That is suppose to happen on the 15th.  So I'm hoping everyone can just walk away from the TA and book directly w/ the airline online and save some money.  They would all have to fly 45min earlier, but I really don't think that is a very big deal when it comes to saving hundreds of dollars.  But last night was crazy at my parents house when my mom and I found out this little bit of info.  Fingers crossed please that it works out the best for everyone!!!!!!!!!  Thanks. Smile

Oh, and I changed our flights to Queenstown to have 1 more relaxing day on Waiheke Island (where the wedding is).  We also booked the villa ( that we're staying in on the Island for 1 more night, and we also booked our holiday home ( while visiting Queenstown.  Yay for more checks!!!!!!
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