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AW - He's my hero!

Last week my CD player in my car broke. My car is almost 7 years old and it doesn't have an AUX in or anything like that, so my CD player was the only way to listen to music other than the radio... and I get really bored with the radio. Especially when they play the same 20 songs on loop all day.

It had started to have a hard time grabbing the discs when putting them in a couple of months ago, and then the last time I tried to eject a disc, the mechanism got stuck and wouldn't accept discs anymore.

FI had an old piece of equipment from his last car still that can be plugged in to the back of the stereo to give you a headphone jack. He installed it and now I can listen to my iPod/iPhone in the car.

It was a huge pain in the butt, he had to take apart my entire dashboard to get the stereo out, had to remove the air conditioning controls, dash under the steering wheel, and glove compartment. Then the antenna was the wrong size so it wouldn't just plug in and he had to splice the wires. 

So grateful :D I love that he doesn't half-ass anything, he doesn't give up when something turns out to be harder than anticipated, and well, I love that I can listen to my music in my car again!

Re: AW - He's my hero!

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