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Those who are doing/did photo guest books

I got mine a few weeks ago and I'm a little worried about ink running or smearing since the pages are kind of glossy.   So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions at to what kind of pen to use so this does not happen.  TIA

Re: Those who are doing/did photo guest books

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    Where did you order yours from, I need to get one also.
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    I ordered mine from so I don't know if different companies use different paper but mine reminds me of like what they use in yearbooks.
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    How about using dif colors sharpie? I think that's what Jamie used, or was that another knottie? I'm not sure but I know I saw sharpies next to a photo book in a picture.

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    We had a photobook from the island - it had glossy paper.  We just used sharpies and it worked fine.  People just let it set for a minutes before turning the page.  But, my mother was passing it around to everyone for the week before teh wedding and then gave it to us as a "surprise".
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    Yup...use archival pens.  My favoirte is Sakura Pigma Micron.  You can buy them at Michael's or Blick or likely any other craft/art store, and they come in many different colors and different point sizes.

    Also, I made my photo book on A&, and I love it.  Plus, I got a coupon from Groupon, so the $60 book cost $20 (including shipping). 
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    I'm buying the Sharpie Pen for my guest book =)
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    I've read that the fine tip sharpie is best, and that if you're really worried, you can assign someone to watch over and make sure the pages dry before they get turned.
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    I used Sharpie pens for mine (fine point) in blue and fuscia and they were fine!  No running!  Hope this helps!
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