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And another phone call..

Got an email from the library director this morning.  She wanted to schedule another phone conversation sometime today, probably in the late afternoon, which means I'll have lots of fun agonizing over it all day long, hah.  Naturally, I left my cell at home on the charger after making sure it was full-up in case she wanted to call, so hopefully I won't become some kind of mess since I'll be in my cube among my coworkers.  Her email said, "I have information that I think will be useful!"  She is frustratingly good at appearing neutral, but the exclamation point is key.  I really hope this goes well..

Will keep everyone posted.  Literally on the edge of my seat.  Gah!  Thanks for being there for me these last couple of days.  This waiting is rough, but hopefully I'll know something more concrete this afternoon.
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