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Hello All:


Looking for some insight. Let me tell you about us first, me and FI are 25 & 28 and plan on getting married in April 2012. We have been together for about 4 years and will be married on out 5th anniversary.


We have been looking at local venues for a wedding and while we can afford a ballroom wedding, we are not sure if we want a big wedding. FI is and ONLY child and his mother is ecstatic for us to be getting married and I am the only daughter to my father. We feel like we are doing the wedding more for our family then ourselves. Lately we have been talking and are debating if we should just chuck the idea of a ballroom wedding and just getting married on a beach in the Caribbean just me and him but then most of our family would not be able to attend.


I was just wondering how everyone decided to do a destination wedding and if your families are attending or will it just be just you and FI.

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